View Full Version : Greetings! Great to be here!

07-30-18, 07:05 am
Hello! My hubby and I (I call him Piggy Daddy) adopted two lovely boys from the shelter over a year ago and have been happy cavy slaves since! We did lose Titus to complications following surgery earlier this year, which was devastating, but Indominus (Indy) has rallied very well and after being neutered, is very much enjoying the company of his two wives, Sehrazhat and Messalina. The girls came to us as foster piggies, and my hubby was in love at first sight. When he saw how attached I was getting to them, he went and signed the adoption papers himself. We adore our little potato-shaped charges, and do our best to cater to all their needs. This forum has been a great source of information about various piggy topics, and it is wonderful to have such a helpful fund of information and experience to refer to when things come up.