View Full Version : Infection Swollen nipple in male guinea pig

07-20-18, 08:56 am
Koochi is four years old. male. I took him for a bath today and noticed his left nipple is swollen and purple. :( and there was some orange/red discharge coming out of it. what could be the cause of this?! he's been eating well as always and doesn't seem to be in pain. I'm worried sick that it's a tumor! there are no proper vets for small pets and in my country and surgeries are in no way safe. I had a friend who took her rabbit to a ver for some kind of tooth surgery and his rabbit never woke up after the surgery :(
I'm gonna take him to a vet tomorrow. but I have to get some information myself cause I can't trust vet's judgement considering they don't deal with guinea pigs often

07-20-18, 03:01 pm
What country are you in? You need to find a good exotic vet if at all possible.

That could be an infection, a cyst, or a mammary tumor. It may be an infection, since you've seen drainage coming from it, but that's not a certainty.

You need someone skilled in the care of guinea pigs to evaluate him and recommend a course of treatment.