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07-16-18, 09:49 pm
Hey guys and gals! My name is Amanda. I got my 1st piggie for my sons bday we named her Marisa mermer for short. We absolutely fell in love with her. We got our 2nd for my daughters bday and named her Feoma fefe for short. And again we fell in love. A few weeks back Mer got sick. We took her to the vet and long story short and $450 later she passed away. We had her for 3.5 years. We were heart broken. Anyway that lil piggie was my favorite. After she passed we went and got 2 more. Brownie and Lizzy. They have also stole my heart. But anyway I've been on this site before to read stuff but never joined. So here i am... I joined lol can't wait to explore. [emoji3]

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07-17-18, 06:46 pm
Sorry about Mer but glad to know you got more piggies!