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07-13-18, 12:57 pm
Back in mid April we adopted 3 female guinea pigs from our local county animal shelter. About 2 weeks later I came in one morning for their morning feeding and discovered I now had 6 guinea pigs. After some frantic research I learned all about baby guinea pigs and how they are born pretty much "fully cooked" which is what really surprised us when we found then that morning. Week 4 we took the babies and the 3 adults to the vet to make sure the county did in fact give us 3 females. They confirmed that yes they were in fact female and surprise surprise the other 2 were pregnant as well so now we are the lucky owners of 11 guinea pigs, 6 female, 5 male. I currently have them spread between 2 C&C cages, my original one from previous pigs which is 8 grids long, 2 grids wide and a new one that is 4 grids by 2 grids. At the moment I have the 2 oldest boys in the 4x2 and the and the 8x2 divided up with the younger 3 boys on one side and the girls on the other. I am hoping that eventually all the boys can live together in one cage and the girls in the larger 8x2. I plan on expanding the other cage to 8x2 as well so they all have plenty of room. I will be consulting this place quite a bit as I will be switching over to fleece due to the expense of the Carefresh. I actually registered here back in 2012 when I had a pig that managed to jump out of the C&C cage but never used the introduction section at that time.

07-13-18, 01:12 pm
If you want a herd of multiple males, establish it as soon as humanly possible, make sure it's a VERY large cage, and get ready for lots of boar glue.

Also, if the male and female cages are adjoining, put the lid on the FEMALE side. A determined male can push up the lid on his own cage, but can't lift the lid on the girls' cage.

07-13-18, 01:27 pm
Thee cages are sitting on Costco trestle tables and are physically separate. I don't plan on joining them up as it would be very difficult to clean that way, the room isn't large enough to put then end to end so they are in an "L" against 2 walls with a gap large enough to get in to clean.

07-13-18, 01:49 pm
You're probably good, then.