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07-01-18, 03:15 pm
Hi all. I had taken Evia to the vet along with her sister Bo to get treated for ringworm. Sadly, Bo died suddenly (we think she may have underlying health issues.) Evie did ok with Bo's death, so we made sure to get her companians, Penelope and Gemma, who are being quaruntined. Now Evie is not as hyper as she normally is, except for one time she saw Penelope she started popcorning and wheeking. I think she's lonely, but am also concerned about the other piggies getting ringworm. Is any interaction ok, or do I have to wait for the 20 days left of the ringworm medicine? Thank you for your advice.

07-01-18, 04:32 pm
*Evie not Evia

07-01-18, 08:38 pm
If you were to introduce her to the other girls there is still a risk of them catching the fungus. Usually the fungus will stop putting off as many spores once treatment has started so the risk of spread is lower than if she had not started treatment.

You have to decide if the risk of spreading it to the other girls is enough to stop you introducing them. If you are able to treat them all if it did happen to spread etc.

I personally took in a sow about a month ago (I haven't posted about her yet). She had a pretty bad fungal infection in and around her right ear, however she was young and very timid and wasn't going to cope well alone. So I started treatment on her ear and the surrounding area and went ahead with introductions anyway (to my sow pair Xoie and Nahla, Xoie is a senior Nahla is about 3 years old), forgoing quarantine. Her fungus has pretty much completely cleared, fortunately no other health issues arised that could have endangered my other sows. My other two girls still have no signs of fungus at all, however it also turns out the new girl (Esther is her name) is also pregnant.