View Full Version : Skin Problems Skin prob. Reaction to revolution?

06-12-18, 09:18 am
Im a new owner and have a young male skinny pig named rocko.

We thought it was dry skin and was told by pet store to rub my skinny pig down with coconut oil. After doing this for a few days the problem didn?t improve and they now say it looks like it may be a reaction to something called revolution. I?d like to know if any of you know what it is. They also say it didn?t glow under a black light so it isn?t ringworm.

06-12-18, 10:02 am
It looks like it's probably a fungal infection to me.

Has he been treated with revolution? If so, where was it applied? Some cats and dogs have irritation at the site of application, but that is not typically where revolution would be applied. It's usually placed between the shoulder blades or behind the ears on guinea pigs.

If he were mine I would be getting an over the counter fugal medication, either clotrimazole or miconazole as the active ingredient, and apply is sparingly twice a day for several days and see if there is any improvement.

06-12-18, 10:54 am
Not all fungus glows under black light.

I'd get some Nystatin or Lotrimin and apply twice daily with a q-tip. If it improves, keep using it until several days after you start to see improvement. Fungus can be hard to get rid of.