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11-29-05, 03:55 pm
A while ago I posted about my female rabbit having an accidental litter of baby bunnies. I haven’t posted about them in a while so here is an update. Chloe went to an excellent home. She is free range in one of their rooms and has a boy friend (neutered). She will be spayed when old enough and is extremely spoiled. I was very happy with the new home. Oliver is going to live with me. He is the mellowest bunny ever and really stole my heart (I simply couldn’t give him up). I am making plans with the rabbit house society to get them all spayed and neutered soon. I am hopping it will work out with 2 males and female. Do you guys think it will work? Well here are a couple pictures of Chloe in her new home.


12-01-05, 07:57 am
It all depends... It will probably come down to whether or not the two guys can tolerate each other, since both will most likely get along with the mamma rabbit. You said that the male baby has a mellow personality which looks like a good sign, because the adult male will probably want to be the dominant one. Make sure to read up on bonding on the House Rabbit Sociey webpage: www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org)

Good Luck!

12-01-05, 04:12 pm
I have put the two males together before and Oliver the baby went flat right away and was like ok you are dominant. Also I was planning on bonding the two males first then add Lilly (female). Do you think this would be good or should I bond a male, female then add another male, or should I just try putting them all together?

12-01-05, 04:23 pm
Since you have said that none of the bunnies are fixed I strongly suggest that you keep the girl away from the boys and get them all fixed SOON. For that matter two unneutered males together will fight, so they should be separated, too. You don't need fights breaking out. Plus the health factors, too, come into play here.

Afterwards it will take a little time but they will all bond and get along fine.

Get your little companions fixed. Pronto. ;)

12-01-05, 04:50 pm
After they are all fixed I would wait a couple of weeks (maybe even a month) so thier hormones can calm down. The female may take longer to recover from the surgery. I would set up a big neutral area where none of the rabbits have been before, and I think it might be best to try to introduce them all at the same time rather than a bunch of seperate introductions. Allow them to stay together for a few minutes (30 min. at most). And then seperate them again.

Do not allow them to hump or chase each other excessively, some is ok, but too much can lead to fights. One thing I've noticed is that rabbits will hold on to each other's behinds while circling each other (each one trying to hump the other), this often happens right before a fight breaks out. So if you see them circling in this way, break it up. You may need to do several sessions before allowing them to remain together.

Some good signs include grooming each other, ignoring each other, and relaxing while the other rabbits are around.

12-01-05, 06:27 pm
Thanks for the help everyone. I am going to get them all spayed and neutered some time this month hopefully, I am working things out with the house rabbit society. The two males are not living together I just let them meet for a short period of time. I will defiantly wait a little while for their hormones to die down and for them to heal before I introduce them all. Do you think a 2x6x2 high would be ok for three bunnies or should I go bigger? They will have free run of a 12x12 area for 6 or so hours ever day.

12-02-05, 08:49 am
I would wait to try bonding the younger male until he had gone through puberty. Baby rabbits are very willing to be cuddly and lower on the totem pole, but hormones can change that very fast. After that, well male-male bonding can be very hard sometimes. Stick with it and be very careful during bonding playtime. It's amazing how fast rabbits can hurt each other.

How big are the rabbits? I think I remember them being mini-rex? If so, the 2x6x2 might be okay if they get along well. You might need more space if one likes his personal space. Could you put a loft in there? That way they can get away from each other if they want to. And my rabbits all love their second stories.

For some more bonding advice, read this: