View Full Version : Injury Guinea Pig laceration

05-01-18, 08:59 pm
Hello, today I went to work and when I came back one of my male guinea pigs, Fern, had a laceration under his arm pit. I wasn't sure how bad it was until I picked him up and realized I could see the muscle under his skin. How soon should I get him to the vet? Will he need stitches?

He is usually really nice and gentle. I don't know what happened. He also had blood on his own paw, but there was none on the other piggies, who also have light fur.

05-01-18, 09:32 pm
If you don't get him to the vet very quickly, they won't be able to stitch it at all.

We don't know whether he needs stitches. You'd have to post a picture for us to even be able to make a recommendation.