View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Does my piggy have an URI?

04-30-18, 12:02 pm
I recently purchased a baby piggie (she's almost 3 months old) and i've began to notice that she sneezes a lot compared to my other piggie. When i hold her close to my ears I can sometimes hear that her breathing is a little congested and sometimes i hear make these airy noises (like she's blowing stuff out of her nose). I've read up on URIs and my piggie still displays normal behaviour, she's eating a lot still, playing with her friend, she runs around her cage, etc. I'm making a vet appointment but I just wanted to ask what I can do for her :(

04-30-18, 12:05 pm
You're already doing what you can do, which is to get her to a vet. Piggies, especially babies, can go downhill in a big hurry from a URI.

Just be sure to see an exotic vet -- small animal vets don't get much training or experience with exotic pets.