View Full Version : Hair Loss My young guinea pig is loosing hair in places and I am worried for her life!

04-15-18, 09:35 pm
So I have an about a 6-month-old guinea pig named Athena. She is Abyssinian and is a tricolor. She has a very large patch of missing hair behind only one of her ears. She is itching it constantly. She has a similar bald patch that is growing on the tip of her nose. Also, she seems to always have her head tilted to one side (the side with the bald patch behind her ear). I have been putting Clotrimazole 1% cream on both bald patches for a while and it is not getting any better, in fact, it seems to be getting worse. I cannot find a definitive answer for what her condition is online, so I came here. She falls over when she walks around a lot lately. I just wiped one of her eyes (the eye on the side of the bald patches, and head tilt) of some crust. Yet, at the same time, she is eating all the time and getting enough food and water. I am only 14 and we have no exotic vets around us that are less than $100 for a checkup! I have had guinea pigs all my life and have never experienced this type of issue. The only thing that sounds close enough to be what she has is an ear infection, and if she did have one, it would have been in its deadly stages by now. Please help! I have no idea what to do and I fear for her life! She is so young!

04-15-18, 09:42 pm
Oh! I also have another guinea pig, Syren, who is Athena's sister. They were together in the same cage since we got them until Syren recently gave birth to two healthy little girls so I separated them. I know it is not ringworm because Syren would have gotten it quickly because it is highly contagious. I am trying to look at the bright side of this story right now, the healthy babies, but the condition is only getting worse and Athena needs help quick. I wish I could find a vet my mom would actually take her too, but literally, just the checkup is $100.

04-15-18, 09:50 pm
The falling over is a sign of an ear infection, and the quicker it's treated, the more likely she is to fully recover. It's likely painful for her, and she needs to see a vet. Ear infections do NOT usually progress to a deadly stage, but a pig suffers when they have one, and it's not fair to the pig to leave it untreated. The pig depends on you for everything in her life, and medical care is just as important as food and housing.

At 14, you're old enough to save money for part of their medical care. Perhaps your mother would be more willing to take them to the vet if you were paying for part of it.

The skin issue is likely mites, which you can treat yourself: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/111160-How-to-treat-for-mites-and-lice

04-15-18, 09:55 pm
Thank you... I am looking for a vet right now, and I hope my mom will let me take her.

04-15-18, 09:58 pm
Post your city and state, and we'll see if we can help you find a vet.

04-15-18, 10:08 pm
Clayton, CA (94517). I'm trying to find something that's not super expensive. Thanks!

04-15-18, 10:22 pm
Four Corners Veterinary Hospital in Concord has an exotic vet. So does Muller Veterinary Hospital in Walnut Creek.

Here's a link to some vets that Cavy House recommends: http://www.cavyhouse.org/Vets.html

I know you want to save money, but your pig needs to be seen. Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for, and if you go to a small animal vet, you'll likely be going to one that only has training in the care of dogs and cats. Exotic vets are more expensive because they require more schooling and clinical training, but they're qualified to treat your pet.

04-15-18, 10:29 pm
Both vets are closed on Sundays, but I sent Muller an email and left a voiemail. Thanks so much, I will call tomorrow when they open and I will update the forum as soon as possible or if anything gets better/worse.

04-28-18, 08:20 am
We put her on a high vitamin C diet, and she is doing so much better! Thanks, guys!