View Full Version : Genitals Wilbur- genitals wont retract?

04-12-18, 07:15 pm
While cleaning Wilburs cage today I noticed his bits were hanging out. I cleaned him up and it was a bit dirty from him dragging it around but otherwise I didnt find anything that might be preventing him from retracting it. After it was good and clean I put a little mineral oil on it and coaxed it back in. It seemed to stay in for a few minutes but now its back out again, just hanging.
It also looks like his right testicle is either smaller or sitting up higher in his body. I don't know if there's something wrong with it or that's just a result of the penis being out.

He was of course fussy while I was messing with his junk but otherwise he's eating, drinking, and acting normally.

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04-12-18, 07:34 pm
What "bits?" Do you mean his penis?

If you mean that his penis won't retract, you've done the right thing by cleaning and oiling. It may or may not retract again fully. If it doesn't, you're probably looking at a daily cleaning job, and you'll have to keep his cage very clean. I've known of one pig that had to have a single stitch across the hole in his foreskin to keep the penis inside the sheath.

Does one testicle looker smaller than normal? Or does the other one look larger? And did both things occur at the same time? If so, I wonder if the larger one may be swollen because of injury, infection, or some sort of growth, and if it may be pushing the penis out of the sheath.

04-12-18, 07:46 pm
Opps I forgot to attach the image, it's his penis.

I'm pretty sure that the one testicle looks smaller, my first thought when i tipped him back to clean him was "where is it!?" I'll try to get a better picture when my roommate is home to hold him for me.84483

04-12-18, 08:54 pm
I think he should see a vet, pretty quickly. While a prolapsed penis isn't necessarily a problem, I think the difference in the size of the testicles, combined with the prolapse, may indicate there's something else going on.

Have you checked his anal sac to make sure things look normal there?

04-12-18, 09:38 pm
I checked his anal sac just inside the opening, i didn't want to poke around unnecessarily and hurt him.
I'll call the vet in the morning.

Could he have pulled or tore something back there? When he wants treats/food/etc he climbs his cage bars, front and back feet off the ground if I don't get what he wants fast enough.

04-12-18, 09:58 pm
I guess it's possible he could have injured himself, but I don't think it's very likely.