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11-28-05, 10:16 am
I will be adopting Glaze from Wisconsin on the 16th of December. I'm bringing the little guy home. I found out that Cinnamon doesn't get a long with anyone at all and I want to start fresh with a younger guinea pig, so Marmalade got the cut and Trebien is going to be adopted and Lionmain is too much like Smores. So, Glaze is the winner.

Herbie Girl
11-28-05, 10:48 am
Congratulations Ryan. Can't wait to see pics.


11-28-05, 11:09 am
Only a couple of weeks to go. Congrats.

11-28-05, 11:30 am
Yay! Congrats Ryan! Glaze is gorgeous, as were all the others. I'm so pleased for you!

Binas Cavys
11-28-05, 03:14 pm
I am so happy for you!!

11-28-05, 06:01 pm
Thanks everyone. I just got the application process started so hopefully we'll be able to work out transportation and get the little guy home in a couple of weeks.

11-28-05, 06:07 pm
How exciting!
We must get lots of photos when you bring Glaze home!

11-29-05, 01:25 am
post pics soon email me at [email protected] k??!! CANT WAIT i bet he will be extra cute or she!

11-29-05, 05:00 am
Congrats Ryan - and congrats Glaze! :)

11-29-05, 04:45 pm
I am so jealous. Glaze was my favorite piggie on there he is so adorable!!!!!!!

11-29-05, 06:16 pm
Congrats Ryan!!! I can't wait to see him in his new home with his new buddies and daddy!!

11-29-05, 06:18 pm
Same here, just two weeks away. I'm trying to get a new cuddle cup made for him.

12-01-05, 04:53 pm
I've never seen pics but I'm sure he is adorable. Good Luck! :)

12-01-05, 05:12 pm
Oh he is, don't worry I'll have plenty of pics when he comes home.