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04-06-18, 03:14 am
Hi! I'm a student from Toronto who decided to adopt my Franklin (a little bit older than 1 year now!) back in January.
My dwarf hamster, Mippy, died last summer at 21/2 years old.
I had adopted him from a friend 8 months prior but had known him since he was a baby, as I often spent time with him at my friends house.
He became a therapy pet for me and I was totally wracked with guilt and pain when he died.
I was working a 45+ hour week at the time and had barely gotten to spend time with him before he passed.
I tried considering getting another dwarf hamster but it felt like I'd be replacing him, even after almost 5 months.
At the same time, taking care of him had become therapeutic and I needed something to fill that void.

Just out of making small talk with my dad, I learned two of his friends were looking for homes for their guinea pigs,
and I instantly warmed up to the idea of taking on a new animal. After a lot of pestering and one of the families deciding
not to give their pig away, Franklin was delivered to me with less than a week to prepare, sweet and totally unlike any other skinny pig I'd ever seen.
He completely brought me out of my depression and I can't imagine life without him, even though it's only been 3 months.:o

Right now I am definitely working to get him a partner, I have something arranged with someone else looking to re home their little boy
(just in case anyone was worried about that).
Only problem is I took Franklin to the vet yesterday to address some strange behaviors and it turns out he has a URI,
So I'm going to have to wait till he gets better before he gets to meet his new friend.
I figured I may as well introduce myself here in case I need help with managing it and want to ask for advice.
Franklin is usually a complete drama queen and loves to get himself into trouble too,
so I figure I probably will need help at some point with something really bizarre anyways.

Speaking of which, small intro for him/ a pic:
He's about ten times fuzzier than he looks. He's also got about 5 different colors on him,
and little tufts of hair on his head that make it look like he has horns.
He loves sleeping in hay, going where he's not supposed to because he's not supposed to, being around people,
snuggling up to me to have a nap, playing in fleece blankets, running full speed through the house,
licking people's skin when he's happy and when he wants to be cute so we'll stop cutting his toenails, and peeing specifically on my left big toe. (??? why)
His only dislikes? being picked up, and almost every veggie in existence.
I love him though.

Sorry for the long post. Just have a lot of hopes regarding being a good owner to Franklin and keeping him happy and comfy in the same way he makes me. I have a lot to learn still and I look forward to learning from you all and reading about your piggies! Thank you.

Guinea Pig Papa
04-06-18, 05:54 am
Hello, and welcome to the forum family!

Franklin is absolutely adorable! He sounds like such a mischievous little ball of fluff. I'm sorry Franklin is feeling under the weather, but the best place on the internet for advice on how to help him is right here!

04-06-18, 06:14 am
He is so stinkin' cute! :love: I also had a pig with a big personality, and I absolutely love them. We look forward to hearing more about him, and I hope he gets better soon so he can meet his new buddy!

04-06-18, 07:41 am
Welcome to the forum! Franklin is a super cute little guy!

Since you're in Toronto I strongly suggest you to check out Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue. They are a Toronto based rescue that does fabulous work with guinea pigs. If you decided to adopt from them you would know that you were getting a pig that has been quarantined and vet checked. They also usually have spayed females, which generally make great companions for single boys.

04-06-18, 09:46 am

Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:


You'll need a large cage for two boars, and nothing you can buy at a pet store is apt to be large enough. See http://www.guineapigcages.com for info and ideas.

04-09-18, 09:23 pm
Thank you all for the welcome and kind words!!
It's definitely reassuring to at least browse through the posts on the forum and see people troubleshooting issues with their own pigs.
I worry a lot about his health so I'm really thankful.
I don't think I've ever had a pet without a big personality. They're always super silly in one way or another. I also love it that way. :)
I'm going to have a checkup with the vet soon to see if he's cleared out the infection so hopefully they can meet up soon.

Also thanks for the recommendation sallyvh! If my current arrangement doesn't work out, I'll definitely head straight to them.
I really should've researched more about rescues near me. They have a lot of great stuff on their site too... Next time, I guess.
I'll take a look at the suggested reading soon!
Thank you all!!