View Full Version : Counts, will be correct soon

02-02-04, 02:12 am
Just so you know, I'm aware that the grand statistics are out of whack on total posts and whatnot on the bottom of the main forum page.

Also, depending on circumstances, the photo count may seem inaccurate as well.

I'm waiting on a script change from the developers before I attempt to fully correct the counts.

It shouldn't make a difference to your user experience at this point. It should be fixed within a couple of weeks.

02-02-04, 01:00 pm
Well, don't ya know it, but the counts are right. I thought they were off, but I just had the general chat forum set wrong to show only the last 30 days of posts.

The counts are all correct. If anything they are understated because the EZBoard forum drops off the oldest posts after 20 pages worth of postings. That old history is gone. Now at least we won't lose anything and all the posts are searchable, unlike EZBoard.