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04-02-18, 06:19 pm
Today, my guinea pig jumped off of me and landed onto my rug. When I saw her, she was dragging her rear legs and using her front legs to guide herself. I got concerned on what to do. I don't have the money right now to take her to a vet. She isn't eating much, but is determined to move around. Now she is cold and not moving much. Is she going to die from this? What can I do for her? I have limited her movement to prevent further injury. Food and water is next to her so it is available for her at all times. Now what do I do? I don't want her to die on me.

Sofia claire
04-02-18, 06:45 pm
She may be paralyzed because if she broke her spine from a fall like that, she may pass if you can't get her to a vet. Does she squeal if you touch her legs? You need to get her to a vet asap!

04-02-18, 06:52 pm
She needs to see a vet. A friend of mine lost a pig last night that had a fall, seemed to be ok for a few hours, then lost body temperature and died.

You always need a vet fund for unexpected expenses. The question is never whether you will need a vet, just when you will need one. And medical care is just as much a part of responsible pet ownership as food and housing. You might check into Care Credit and see if a vet near you offers it, but your pig does need a vet.

Oreo and Peanut
04-03-18, 05:57 am
As a last resort I would try using careplus if you ABSOLUTELY can't take your pig to the vet. Careplus is high in vitmins if you can't go to the vet it's like a supplement for Guinea pig's

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04-03-18, 07:56 am
Oreo and Peanut, Care+ is a nutritional supplement for guinea pigs. It has nothing to do with an injury unless the pig is unable to move and get to its food.