View Full Version : Cage Upgrading C&C Cage 2x3.5 to 2x4 - is it enough?

03-25-18, 11:51 am
Currently I have two young (both under 6mo) female guinea pigs, Pippa and Millie. Right now they're in a 2x3.5 C&C cage (because that's what I housed my previous guinea pig, Poppy, in) but I'm planning to expand the cage to 2x4 ASAP. Do you think this is enough room for them or would it be better to expand further? :)

03-25-18, 12:05 pm
Bigger is always better.

Sofia claire
03-25-18, 03:05 pm
If you have the space for bigger then go bigger:) you won't regret it! If you don't have the space it is the minimum so it would still be enough space;)

Guinea Pig Papa
03-25-18, 03:16 pm
Bigger is definitely better if you can swing it. My fellas enjoy a fair bit of space. Between the two cages and adjoining pen, their living area is 4 grids wide by 7 long. I never have squabbles over space.