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advil zyrtec
03-22-18, 08:03 pm
Before this thread starts I was told to keep all my questions on one thread, but idk if that means I should reply to my own thread to ask different, unrelated questions because then the title of the thread would then be misleading.

Today I noticed my pig started to squeak a little when he was pooping/peeing. It didn't seem like the squeals of pain. It seems like the soft whines or as I like to call it, the "get away from me squeaks" when I pick up my guinea pig or I pet him too hard. I also noticed that my pig starts to squeak when he's pooping near his roommate. The same thing happened a few weeks ago. My theory is that my pig squeaks because he just doesn't want his roommate to disturb him while he poops because my pig's roommate is known to chase away the other pig with nips, but ofc I'm no expert. What do you guys think it is?

03-22-18, 08:51 pm
Yes, keep all question about your pig on one thread. It makes it very difficult for people to know what's happened before with your pig if they have to chase all over the forum to find the information. I can change the title if you want -- just ask on the thread and one of the mods/admins will change it.

I'm closing this one. You can copy the information over to your other thread.