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03-21-18, 04:41 pm
My guinea pig Roxi has brown crusty stuff all around her right nipple (she is a white and black Peruvian and Abyssinian mix). Is this a cyst or are some nipples just like that? I adopted her about a month ago but today was the first day I looked at her stomach. Please help!

03-21-18, 06:50 pm
How old is she?

Cysts are not usually crusty looking.

Can you take a good, well-lit, close-up picture and post it?

03-21-18, 07:04 pm
You should take her to see an exotic veterinarian. My girl had enlarged and crusty nipples which were first thought to be related to ovarian cysts said my exotic veterinarian. She was unable to feel cysts but we settled on treating her with oral antibiotics, pain medication, and some topical medication.

After 2 weeks nothing changed so I scheduled another visit but missed it. Didn’t get her back in for a visit till 8 weeks later by then the veterinarian easily determined it was mammary cancer because she had two lumps under her right nipple.

The veterinarian said it rarely spreads but recommend surgery. She had surgery to remove the lumps only a week ago, I decline the test to see what they lumps were because of the cost. Her surgery was $340.00. She is doing wonderfully now.

So it seems like crusty nipples can be a symptom for more than one cause. Sometimes the vet can feel ovarian cysts.

I have another female with normal nipples, hair loss, sexually aggressive, and large lumps in her lower tummy going for an appointment in a few weeks. My veterinarian said her symptoms sound like ovarian cysts and has ordered hormone injections but her treatment is undetermined. The veterinarian just wants to have the injections on hand if that is the appropriate for her once assessed.

There are usually behavioral symptoms that you might observe that can help a veterinarian determine a correct treatment plan. Only your veterinarian will know for sure but I would have her checked.