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03-20-18, 03:22 pm
Nice to meet everyone! :) I'm relatively new to guinea pigs and recently had my first piggy, Poppy, pass away at 4 from sudden illness. In his honor I have two little girls, Pippa (skinny pig) and Millie (Abyssinian). :love:

03-20-18, 03:54 pm
Cute pigs!

Here's some recommended reading:


Guinea Pig Papa
03-20-18, 05:53 pm
Welcome to the forum, pixiefae!

I would like to offer my sincere condolences on your loss of Poppy. Most of us here know the pain of losing a furry loved one, and it's always very difficult to say the least.

On that note, I would also like to say that your new girls are absolutely adorable! I LOVE Pippa's scruffy little nose, and Millie's ears are just too adorable, the way they stick out like that!

Again, welcome! Do take the time to read the links that bpatters provided, there is a lot of useful information in them.

Sofia claire
03-20-18, 07:03 pm
Welcome to the forum!:) Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!! And I am sorry about your sweet Poppy.:(

03-20-18, 08:00 pm
Sorry to hear about your loss of Poppy. But congrats on the new piggies! They are adorable :)

Oreo and Peanut
03-20-18, 08:04 pm
Welcome to the forum!
Sorry for the loss of Poppy but I'm sure you will take amazing care of your new furry friends!

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