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03-15-18, 01:09 pm

Just wanted to introduce myself.
I am a stay at home wife, turn 29 Saturday. We currently have 2 cats, and going to be adding 2 guinea pigs to the family :) (my cats have already been around small animals before and are just fine)

I do plan on building a C&C cage. Have just a couple questions.

Is a 2x4 C&C enough for 2 piggies? I will do bigger if space allows, but I know at a min I can do that (I also plan to try and do a little nook area on top for feed)

Also, I plan to use fleece for bedding. But if I can't get a hold of uhaul pads, what else could be used for absorbing under the fleece?

Also any tips would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance :D

03-15-18, 01:40 pm
Hello LightSeeker, and welcome!

2x4 may be big enough if you're getting sows. However, two boars need at least 2x5, if not more.

For the nook, most pigs prefer their food on the same level. In my experience, pigs love running around on a single level more than going up and down levels. Just to save you some time and effort. :)

I've heard of people using puppy pads instead of uhaul pads, but uhaul pads are way more absorbent, so I'd stick with those if you're able.

Good luck! It sounds like you're already off to a fantastic start. :) Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have!

03-15-18, 01:58 pm
Wood pellets work wonderfully well under fleece. They're the cheapest, most absorbent bedding you can buy. Besides that, they're the absolute best at odor control, and only have to be changed every six months or so.

03-15-18, 03:03 pm
Thank you!

Alright! I'll keep it one level if it's better, anything I can do to make it better for them I'm game :)

My plan IS to get sows, but you know, sometimes plans change in that area haha.

If I can get the pads I definitely will. It just may be hard to find, don't really have a uhaul near us. I don't really want to order offline if I can avoid it (to impatient to wait lol) As it is, I have to wait a couple months to put back to be able to get everything.

Thanks for the tip on the wood pellets! I'll keep that in mind as well.

03-17-18, 09:27 am
Well plans changed haha.

Actually getting my GP tomorrow :)
Found these girls who needed a home. They are about 7 months old.
When I get them home and set up I'll make a separate post for them 84339

03-17-18, 10:14 am
Just leave this as their thread. If you want, I can change the title of it for you.

Here's some recommended reading for new pigs owners:


03-17-18, 11:16 am
Ok I will! Thanks! I'll probably request the title change afterwards when I decided on names. Should I send a PM for it or just post here?

Thank you for the links! I'll be sure to check them out.

03-17-18, 11:23 am
Either way, doesn't matter.

03-17-18, 04:17 pm
Alright, thanks :)

03-18-18, 06:19 pm
They are home and cage is almost completely put together. Was able to do a 2x5 so the girls have lots of room :)
Still gotta finish last half of lid, but they are in now and settling great!
Just from the little time handling them. Between putting them into the carrier and then to the cage, they handle great! Easy to get and pick up. Both seem to love to snuggle :) Now to figure out names! I am open to any suggestions :D


03-18-18, 08:26 pm
Welcome to your new home girls! They are so beautiful and have such gorgeous coloring. Thank you so much for adopting them.

I'd like to ask you where you purchased that little chair that opens up? That is the cutest thing. Your little girl looks so at home and comfortable sitting on it.

03-18-18, 10:44 pm
Thank you! I love their coloring too :)

I have no idea where the chair came from, all their stuff came with them. Only thing I had to buy today was their hay.

I looked it up for you though :)
It's this chair here --> Amazon.com: My Life As Sofa and Pull Out Bed: Toys & Games (https://www.amazon.com/Life-Sofa-Pull-Out-Bed/dp/B00O6FACDK)

The one in it, she absolutely loves that chair. She's constantly in it haha.

03-18-18, 10:45 pm
in that link it's sold out, just noticed that.

But here is one that isn't sold out yet Amazon.com: My Life As Sofa and Pull Out Bed - Polka Dot: Toys & Games (https://www.amazon.com/Life-Sofa-Pull-Out-Bed/dp/B0144YRDOS) :)

03-18-18, 11:58 pm
Names! The ginger and white girl is named Halley and the ginger and black patch girl is Phoebe :)
both names I got from looking up planets/moons and comet names.
bpatters could you please rename the thread to Halley & Phoebe

Thank you!

Guinea Pig Papa
03-19-18, 10:39 am
Congratulations on your new furever girls, and welcome to the forum family!

They are very cute, the one in the chair looks like the queen on her throne!

03-19-18, 11:07 am
Thank you!

Haha! Yes! Phoebe loves the chair! It seems to be her favorite spot to chill :D

03-22-18, 09:59 pm
So we broke down the girls cage and move it to our room. We did this because I couldn't really access them to give pets and interact and such very well with the lid we had made. We had the lid in the first place cause of our 2 cats.
I wasn't totally sure I'd be able to make their 2x5 cage in the room, but we made it work so they still habe their space :) i will take a new picture of it in the morning.

Also, is the 2x5 big enough for 3 piggies?
Halley and Phoebe are pretty nervous girls. They wont even take yummy fresh veggies/fruits from us or even eat them in the cage. Anytime any of us walk by or make sudden moves. It freaks them out and they run and go hide (even in the middle of esting or using the litter box. They stop and go hide)
I was thinking maybe adding a 3rd piggy that was more confident could possibly help them become more confident as well.
Could adding a 3rd work? I just want my girls to be more confidnet/comfortable and not be so afraid.

03-22-18, 10:02 pm
Ooo also found out Phoebe loves her chin scratched :D
And they ate their first veggies/fruits today too. A little cilantro, strawberries and cherry tomatoes. They also had dried sweet potato sticks :P

03-22-18, 10:21 pm
A 2x6 would really be better for three pigs.

Don't go overboard on the fruit -- guinea pigs weren't designed to process sugar. And dried sweet things, such as sweet potato, are really concentrated in sugar.

The cats may not be as much of a problem as you think. Kittens usually try to play with guinea pigs, and guinea pig pups can trigger any cat's prey drive. But adult cats and adult pigs can coexist pretty peaceably. Our cat hops in the cage occasionally for a nap, but doesn't bother the pigs at all. But if you do decide to let them visit, do watch them very carefully over a period of weeks to make sure your cats are ok with the arrangement.

03-22-18, 10:50 pm
I only gave them a strawberry each, they were small ones too. I know to only give them it rarely.
I didnt know about the dried sweet potato. Ill be sure to give it to them every once in awhile.

One of our cats isnt all that interested. He is curious but doesnt really care (he is probably about 10 yrs ) my younger cat(she will be 4 in a couple months) wont hurt them either (shes played eith rats and rabbits without issue) she has even been in the piggies cage. She just gets so interested and tries to be so close to see them it makes them run and hide which makes her go and get close again. If it wasnt for that id leave it.

I really dont have any room rather it be in our room or back out where it was before to make a 2x6. Would if work if maybe i add a second level? Like maybe a 1x2 on each end and a 1x1 path way across the back?

03-23-18, 10:00 am
Their updated cage after moving it. (don't mind the messes lol wasn't able to vacuum it up, very bad back this morning. Hubby will get it when he gets off work tonight)


03-24-18, 01:06 pm
So, couldn't really find a good playpen for them that was big enough to fit my budget. But I bought 2 small animal playpens for $10 each at wal-mart last night. Made a pretty decent size area :) Got them out in it today. Seemed to really help with their confidence! They both came up to me willingly to get scratches and making what I call Chewbacca noises lol. :love: Got some pics, some are a little blurry. If I can manage to upload it, I also got a small vid of one of my cats being weird and eating their hay XD
More to come!

03-24-18, 01:08 pm
One more plus the video (hopefully)

03-24-18, 01:13 pm

link to video--> Sam Rowlett - Cat being weird eating the guinea pigs hay 😂😂 (https://www.facebook.com/samantha.rowlett.5/videos/1252874898190679/)

Guinea Pig Papa
03-24-18, 01:33 pm
I don't know that you really want the video linking to your personal facebook page!

Very cute pigs, and it seems as though they really enjoyed their time in the playpen. Personally, though, having the cats in there just creeps me out. I never, ever had a problem with either of my cats either, but I never trusted them that much either.

03-24-18, 01:47 pm
I'm not to worried, my profile is all private, I just made the video public. I also don't have any personal info on it either. But thank you for the concern :)

They did enjoy it! The cats are fine, both have been around small animals before (rabbits, rats etc..) The big kitty doesn't care one bit, he just wanted the hay lol. My fluffy kitty just watches, she's just curious, doesn't try anything with them. But we are also there right in the pen to watch and catch them before anything happens. I would never leave them alone like that without one of us close by.

Guinea Pig Papa
03-24-18, 02:24 pm
I'm not to worried, my profile is all private, I just made the video public. I also don't have any personal info on it either. But thank you for the concern :)

They did enjoy it! The cats are fine, both have been around small animals before (rabbits, rats etc..) The big kitty doesn't care one bit, he just wanted the hay lol. My fluffy kitty just watches, she's just curious, doesn't try anything with them. But we are also there right in the pen to watch and catch them before anything happens. I would never leave them alone like that without one of us close by.

Fair enough, it was just a thought. Wasn't sure you were worried at all about the world knowing who you are lol!

My boys don't get floor time the same way yours do. They have an attached pen that's always open, so their cages and pen all together is about 40 square feet. Luckily for me I have the space to do that :)

I just always worried about my cats. They didn't seem to care either, but I was always wary.

03-24-18, 03:11 pm
I wish I could do that for my girls! If I had the space, I definitely would! :)

I totally understand the weariness! I'm not to worried about my cats, the only one I really have to keep an eye on is my fluffy girl. But that's just because she is still much kitten like (she will be 4 in Aug.) So she tries to play with them (she is very gentle and NEVER uses her claws) but we watch and make sure, and when she gets to playful/excited we do remove her from the room to be safe. The piggies have no issues and go right up to them and both cats run from them when they do lol

03-24-18, 03:48 pm
Great job on the cage and play pen! Your girls must be so happy in their new home. Grids zip tied together also make for a cheap play pen if you every want to expand. My cat is the same way, he is almost 15 years old but still very playful. A couple times he did come up to them my alpha sow chased him away so now he just sticks to watching them as t.v and laying in their hay boxes lol

03-24-18, 05:14 pm
I'm out of grids :) the closest place to me that has them is $20 for a box. I'd just get another one of these pens to add if I do expand more for their playpen. Right now with 2 of them, it's about 6 feet give or take all the way around.

They seem pretty happy :) They've been making a lot of wheeking and purring (the sounds I call chewbacca haha) noises.

Also, Thank you! I love their cage and how much space they have. I want to do more, but I don't have the space. So eventually I'm going to get more grids and do something to improve it, but I don't know how yet

03-28-18, 05:54 pm
Halley and Phoebe have definitely improved on their personality since floor time :)

Phoebe is still a bit more shy when getting. But both now seem to love cuddles! Have both sorta start to take veggies from our hands :D
Also both have stopped wheeking so much when one is out getting pets :)

03-30-18, 11:41 pm
Got the girls a new giant hidey today. Also tried some loofa toys. They don't care for the wooden chews. They LOVE the loofa toys :D and love their new hidey!! They immediately went in and both started popcorning around in it :)

Have them some cilantro and a tried a lil parsley (getting them to eat greens at all has been nuts) Haley tried the parsley, but so far neither seem to really care. Phoebe only tried it cause Halley did. But they both LOVE Cilantro :)

New phone, so tested out a few new pictures.

04-09-18, 12:45 am
Loving their new owl fleece <3
dont mind the hay mess, our cat did it lol

04-13-18, 12:23 am
The girls trying corn husks for the first time :) They absolutely loved it! Phoebe even came out willingly while we were watching, which for her is amazing. She is super shy. Both girls started popcorning and purring while eating it :love:
Sam Rowlett - Halley and Phoebe eating corn husks for the first... (https://www.facebook.com/samantha.rowlett.5/posts/1265561973588638?notif_id=1523599232424673&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif)


04-13-18, 07:43 am
Be sure to take the darker green husks off and throw them away. They're probably more nutritious than the inner ones, but corn is grown with a LOT of pesticide, and the outer husks will be the most contaminated.

04-13-18, 09:17 am
OK, I'll be sure to do that. Thanks for the tip!

We do wash it (along with all our veggies/fruits) pretty well. We also get them from an organic farmers market (i'm not sure if that really makes a difference) They say they don't use any pesticides (although I know that may or may not be exactly true)

04-22-18, 03:37 pm
Had to downsize the girls cage. The 2x5 was just to big for our small apt. We tried to make it work, but it just wasn't. So until we do move (hopefully within the next yr) they will be in a 2x3 with a loft.

I still gotta make the loft part, but here is the set up so far :)

04-22-18, 03:39 pm
side note.. that igloo isn't the only hidey they will have, I just haven't added their new one yet. Still working on making it.

04-24-18, 03:56 pm
Finished making their cuddly cube! First one I've made, was a pain. Broke 3 needles on my machine -_-

Also redid their hay rack. The basket I had wasn't working out like I hoped. SO trying this way with a bent grid.

04-24-18, 04:06 pm
https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=84339&d=1521300471&thumb=1 (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=84339&d=1521300471)

Awww! LightSeeker, they are SO cute!