View Full Version : Sick Rash under eye?! PLEASE HELP

03-13-18, 03:05 pm
This afternoon if was checking up on my two guinea pigs, and I noticed that one of them had a horrible (of what looked like) rash under her eye. It also looks like there are some small scabs, but I doubt any violence. The hair underneath has fallen out, and as a first-time guinea pig owner, i was sent into a little bit of a panic. I immediately separated the two and put them in different areas with fresh fleece. It doesn't help that they have a very strong bond so they get very stressed when separated. I don't know what might have happened, and I'm trying to get her to the vet. ANY help would be much appreciated!

03-13-18, 03:39 pm
I immediately separated the two and put them in different areas with fresh fleece.

Why would you separate them?? Whatever the issue may be, the other one has already been exposed. No point in adding unnecessary stress to the situation. There are others here on the forum who have had more experience with wounds, fungus or mites and will probably have helpful suggestions for you

03-13-18, 03:44 pm
Thanks! I just did that because its what the vet recommended since I'm a first-time owner I still don't really have a lot of experience. I'll look into it.

03-13-18, 03:54 pm
Don't separate them. It'll just stress them out. And as spy9doc says, they're both been thoroughly exposed to whatever is going on.

My bet, sight unseen, would be that it's a fungus. Can you take a close-up, well-lit picture and post it?

Don't panic. It's almost certainly not an emergency, and can probably be very easily taken care of.

03-16-18, 06:38 pm
So I took her to the vet and they said she had ringworm. Thanks for everyone's help though!