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03-11-18, 02:08 pm
Hi I have 4 female piggies who are currently in a 2x6 C&C. Previously I had a 2.5x2 basement as part of their cage but I removed it and tried to redo the cage with the quick detach connectors from the cages stores for an easy to clean loft. The basement was serving as a kitchen area and I would like the loft to do the same. Yesterday though when I tried assembling the loft I found out the detach connectors are too big for my grids. My grids are the white whitmor brand ones that I originally purchased on amazon. I will try again to assemble the loft with some zip ties wrapped around the connectors to hopefully keep them from falling off. If that goes well my questions would be:
1. If I should do a 2x2 loft on the end like you usually see or I thought I could maybe I could put it in the middle and have a ramp on each side so they can run laps through it and I can spot clean a little easier from either side of the middle loft if I don't want to take the whole thing off.
2. Any good diy ramp construction ideas? When I had the basement before I noticed my pigs don't like to take turns on the ramp so they would sometimes push past each other so I made it wider about 6 ish inches. I just don't want there to be a gap in between the grid an the ramp because I'm worried of possible jumping or a foot getting caught.
I tried looking for ideas on the photos tab but they were mostly 1x2 lofts or offset which I don't have room for. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated as well as cage photos:)

04-23-18, 10:20 pm
I am not 100% sure I understand your question, but I thought I would throw out some ideas. I am currently making a ramp from coroplast velcro and carpet. I am currently trying to determine if the velcro I have had a non-toxic adhesive backing before using it (if you find a good non-toxic stick back velcro, let me know! :D ).

I cut the coroplast two inches wider and about 4 inches longer than I want my ramp to be. I scored the sides to make somewhat of railings. I then scored the top so that it would bend to lay flat (tried to post photos, but I am new and couldn't figure it out, sorry) I used the heave duty velcro adhesive 3M wall hangers (the type you would use to hang pictures without nails) to attach the ramp to the top level.

I sewed fleece liners to cover the railings.

Cut pieces of coroplast and used tacky glue to glue them to the bottom of the ramp for strength.

Used hot clue to glue velcro strips to the top of the ramp.

Next I will put velcro on the back of carpet to make the runner fit the ramp. I attempted to use burlap before finding it may be toxic. I then tried fleece, but it did not have enough grip or stiffness.

04-24-18, 05:44 am
Check out my recent post on this thread for ideas for ramp construction:


06-07-18, 09:07 pm
I have the whitmore ones too. They don’t fit you are right... if you cram then really hard they do