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02-22-18, 09:28 am
Introducing Shadow and Smokey! I rescued these poor guys from a lady who had them in a tiny little cage together with only dog food to eat :( they looked so miserable there so i offered her some money for them and they are my new babies now! They act like they're in guinea pig heaven!

02-22-18, 10:06 am
First of all, than you, thank you, thank you for deciding they needed a much better home! It's amazing how easily some people get away with mistreating their animals! You can bet the pigs were miserable! Welcome to the forum!
You'll find lots of piggies wisdom here!
Thanks again.
(and they're extremely cute)

02-22-18, 02:16 pm
The poor little souls. I'm so happy that they are in a new home. Thank you for taking them in. They are such cuties.

A big welcome to Smokey and Shadow.:love:

Guinea Pig Papa
02-22-18, 03:14 pm
Thank you for taking these little ones in. It sounds like they so very desperately needed you.

Congratulations on your new additions!

02-26-18, 10:02 am
Thank you for rescuing these little ones! My heart breaks for what they went through, but I'm glad you have them! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about your piggies. We'll be happy to help. :)