View Full Version : Sick Light color poop and small white crust on only one eye

02-19-18, 12:34 am
Hey guys! So I recently got Willow and Sasha, they are probably only a few months old. I noticed the other day that Willow tends to have some crust around her eye when I wake up but stays away most of the day. Both Willow and Sasha have had some lighter color poop. Will post picture shortly. I only got them 2 weeks ago and I am super worried, someone please help!!! Should I see a vet immediatly or keep an eye on them? Thanks guys!

02-19-18, 09:26 am
The poop color probably has to do with what they're eating.

The crust may be due to a blocked tear duct. You can use a clean damp cloth to gently clean it, and then with a clean part of the cloth, very very VERY gently massage under the corner of the eye. Do this twice a day for several days. If it doesn't help, or if you see any other signs of illness, then see an exotic vet -- NOT a dog and cat vet.

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