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02-14-18, 06:11 pm
Hello, I have a guinea pig who won't eat his veggies. Here is what happened. About 4 days ago, my guinea pig seemed to have a hard time breathing. His voice was very croaky and gravelly, and he wasn't squeaking as much, or even making that much sound at all. I didn't know what had happened, as he is my first guinea pig and this is the first time it's happened in the 1+ years I've had him. It got worse the next day, and his voice sounded worse, and he was acting kind of lethargic. Then, on that night he stopped drinking his water. He would eat his veggies, hay, and pellets, but he wouldn't drink from his water. The next morning, it got worse, and he was even more lethargic, didn't eat as much, and wouldn't drink from his bottle AT all. So I decided to make a vet appointment for him that day. The vet (and yes, I made sure he was an exotic animal vet) said that the main problem was that he was pretty congested. Something else he said that didn't really have to do with it was that my guinea is not dangerously fat, but a small bit overweight, so I've made sure to give him correct portions of veggies, about a cup a day (Idk if it might relate to the problem I will be stating in a bit). The doctor gave us baytril and told me my pig needed to take it twice a day for 10 days, with 12 hour intervals. We're on the third day of meds and he finally started drinking from his water again, but he stopped eating veggies thicker than leaf. I gave him a bit of parsley, and he ate that. I also gave him a small portion carrot tops, and he ate that. So I came to the conclusion that he wouldn't really eat anything that hard. When I gave him lettuce, he ate all of the leaf part I gave him, but he left the crunchy stock. He is eating leafy greens, hay, pellets, and drinking water. But he won't eat any thick or hard veggies. I tested carrot, cucumber, celery, some tomato (all things he normally eats) and he wouldn't eat any. It's also worth noting he WILL eat his hard vitamin c tablets, (which are even difficult for normal pigs to eat), yet no hard veg? I'm very confused. Does it have to do with dental problems, maybe? or maybe the meds he's taking? I've read that though their diet mainly requires hay and water, and a small portion of pellets, vegetables are also important. Any help please? I've had no previous pigs, so I'm not very good at identifying what exactly is wrong.

02-14-18, 08:48 pm
Were they eating hard veggies before? It might just be that he is recovering, too. I would give him some time, at least he is eating some veggies.

02-14-18, 09:03 pm
yes, he was eating hard veggies before (carrot, cucumber. even some veggies that are softer, like celery, tomato. He'll eat leafy greens tho). I will give him some time until after he recovers. I'm pretty sure he'll be fine as long as he keeps eating his hay, his pellets, his water, some leafy greens, and plenty of vitamin c. Sorry if I seem to be overreacting. I grew so attached to my piggy. He's the first real pet I've ever owned and took care of by myself. I can come to terms with the fact that every animal will die. I just want him to live as long a life as he can while at the same time staying healthy. :)

02-15-18, 05:40 am
I totally get it. My first pet were my guinea pigs and when they started nipping at each other I got really scared. I gave them some time though and they are fine now [emoji4]

02-15-18, 09:38 am
I think your vet is out of date on weight. Because guinea pigs don't get "dangerously fat" unless they're overfed on pellets and/or have a mobility issue that keeps them from moving around. They're herbivores, and it's very hard for them to be overweight. It's like you trying to gain weight eating only salads with no dressing. How much does your pig weigh?

The information on weight in vet books is based on lab animals, not pets. Many knowledgeable vets seem to think those weights should be higher. Every guinea pig I've had has weighed 1250 grams or more, most over 1300, and my vet always rated their weight as "ideal."

Baytril is notorious for causing eating problems. Weigh your pig daily, preferably before breakfast, to make sure he's eating enough. If he's losing, you need to supplement him with some Critical Care.

02-15-18, 02:01 pm
if what your saying is true, then I am confused on why the vet would say he’s even slightly overweight. When he was weighed during his appointment, he was 1219 grams, so I guess he’s fine. I’ll make sure to weigh him daily. Thanks for the help.

02-15-18, 02:42 pm
I wouldn't even consider putting a pig of that weight on a diet.

If they get sick, that extra "cushion" they have can mean the difference between life and death.

02-15-18, 02:50 pm
Ok, thanks! I'll keep that in mind. And of course I'll make sure he has enough food, especially during his recovery.

02-19-18, 12:14 pm
So, as you may have read my guinea pig is on baytril, taking it twice a day for 10 days. I'm on the 7th day and this morning before I gave him his meds I noticed a single wet poop. I'm not sure if it was actually a "wet" poop or if he maybe peed on his poop? (he's done it before). You could see the shape of the poop but it was very mushy, and kind of watery. Since I only saw one poop I decided to look some stuff up. So the conclusion I've come too is that I'm either giving him too many watery fresh foods/veggies, he is intolerant to baytril, or the doctor may have messed up and he doesn't need as much baytril as he was prescribed. The doctor didn't say he had a URI, but he WAS congested. So he hasn't really been eating vegetables, probably because of the baytril. He will eat celery, lettuce, and leafy greens like cilantro. Since he IS eating celery and lettuce, which are very watery foods I'm not sure if that is the cause or not. Second thing it could be is that he is intolerant to baytril. He hates the stuff (as most guinea pigs are) but he's been taking it for 7 out of the 10 days he needs to take it, and this is the first time we've seen any wet poops, so I don't know. I am giving him only his hay, water, and pellets today to help him, no fresh veggies/watery foods. He is still eating normally, he looks normal, his eyes aren't crusty, and they're not closed very much, only some of the times he sleeps. he moves around normally too, and his fur is normal. The other possibility I've come to is the fact that maybe he doesn't need to the baytril anymore, and it's too much for him and that is what is causing him this wet poop. He doesn't sound congested anymore at all. He was prescribed 1.2 ml of baytril twice a day for 10 days (with 12 hour intervals), and I was just thinking that was a bit much, but I have no idea. His only problem is a strange change in diet, suddenly not eating very hard or crunchy foods, which is probably just because of the baytril. I'm making sure he's not losing a lot of weight. (also keep in mind I've only seen one wet poop today). I'll make sure to monitor his eating, drinking, activity, as well as his poops. I'm not exactly sure what else to do though?

02-20-18, 10:26 am
**correction: He was prescribed 0.12 ​twice a day every 12 hours for 10 days. not 1.2 ml.

Sofia claire
02-20-18, 04:11 pm
I would guess teeth problems now, poor little piggy, hope he gets well soon!:)