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02-02-18, 04:45 pm
Hello! I am very concerned about my 5 year old Guinea pig. He used to have a very good sense of time when he was younger. He would only cry when it was time for his fresh veggies 3 times a day. He always had enough hay and grains available. A year ago, he started loosing his sight due to cataracts. He is now completely blind. I am not sure if that is the reason why his eating habits started to change... he started crying for food at random times, and for the last several weeks, he keeps crying really frequently, day and night, and he doesn?t stop until he gets more fresh vegetables ( Pepper, lettuce, kale, carrots ). He always has enough hay and grains! Do you think this is somehow related to his age/change of habits, or should I be concerned about something else like diabetes....?
I am new in this forum. Thank you for any advice or comments.

02-02-18, 06:30 pm
Is he still eating the same amount of hay? Has his weight changed?

My first concern would be something like teeth issues causing him to not eat his other food, meaning he is crying for vegetables all the time because he is very hungry because that is all he is eating. Have a read of this page and see if he has some of the signs http://www.guinealynx.info/malocclusion.html

On a side note do you mean pellets when you say grain? If not and you actually mean grain, please consider switching to a plain pellet (such as Oxbow brand adult guinea pig pellets), as grains do not have good nutrition for guinea pigs and pose a choking hazard.

02-02-18, 10:11 pm
Hi Soecara, thank you so much for the information! I just read the blog about malocclusion. I haven’t noticed some of the signs of this condition (such as inability to close his mouth, drooling, etc) My Guinea Pig is definitely eating A LOT of hay and some pellets (Not grain). I don’t think he has lost weight, but his hair seems to be getting very thin. I don’t know if he needs more Vit C, since he eats so much green pepper, wich is supposed to have Vit C.

02-02-18, 11:22 pm
Guinea pigs do tend to lose weight as they get older, but it's usually a very slow process, and not accompanied by eating everything in sight. If it were my pig, I'd get it to the vet to be tested for diabetes.

02-03-18, 03:04 am
I agree that the possibility of diabetes might be worth looking into, even if he doesn't have diabetes having him checked over by a vet given his recent change in behaviour and senior status would be a good idea.

Guinea pigs can become less able to absorb vitamins as they age, so it is possible that supplementing him with vitamin C could help with the hair thinning. Green bell peppers do have vitamin C in them but sometimes vegetables alone aren't enough for an older animal.

02-03-18, 09:49 am
Good point about the vitamin C, Soecara.

02-03-18, 10:03 am
Thank you, everyone, for all your comments and advice. I will follow up w the vet since it is possible that my Guinea pig has diabetes. In the meantime, fruits and other starchy foods will continue to be restricted. I will change the brand for pellets, since the one I buy have seeds and other sugars. I will also look for a good Vit C supplement. Thank you!