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01-31-18, 10:02 am
Hi, I'm 'Lovemyscruffies' from Suffolk in the UK. My scruffies are a couple of Texels I adopted back in August last year. The mum was a rescue piggie who turned out to be pregnant, had one of each gender - and that's where I came into the story. I called mum Pepsi and her baby girl Fudge. Fudge had quite a calm coat to begin with, so I thought maybe her dad had been smooth. Now, however, she is almost as wild and woolly as her mum, and really doesn't trust me! I got her at 6 weeks, and 6 months later she still appears to be terrified whenever I go near! Here is a picture. I am really hoping I can learn a lot on these forums. :)

01-31-18, 12:05 pm
Welcome! You have come to the right place, this forum is full of information and knowledge.

Your girls are beautiful! Texels are my favourite breed, I happen to have 2 of them myself named Stella and Alice. :)