View Full Version : My three month old females are fighting!

01-11-18, 09:11 pm
Hi there~

This is my first post and I need some advice. I adopted two, three month old females yesterday from our shelter. I was told they are sisters and they were in a cage with their mom too. They were brought to the shelter about three weeks ago and have been housed together. On our car ride home yesterday, it sounded as though they were fighting. We put them in their new cage last night and one (Atlas) is sort of "attacking" the other one (Willow). She will go up to her a bite her. Willow does a high pitch squeak anytime Atlas comes near her. Atlas seems protective of the igloo house as well. I let them run around for a bit today outside of their cage, and Atlas went after Willow several times. It looked like she tried to bite her eye. At one point earlier today, Atlas even had a tuft of fur in her mouth from willow. I took a video of their interaction, bitnits on my phone. Not on YouTube.
Any advice? It's making me nervous!
thank you!

01-11-18, 09:28 pm
Atlas is probably in heat, and things should calm down by tomorrow.

But either throw out the pigloo or cut another hole in it. Every hidey in a guinea pig cage should have at least two doors. Otherwise, they're just invitations for one pig to trap another and get its nose slashed for its trouble.

Also, how large is the cage? Lack of space can cause aggression, and any change in living arrangements can trigger squabbles.

Here's some recommended reading material: