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01-11-18, 09:41 am

Big time nube on the scene. Have I already made some major errors? You betcha! My teenager took my 9 year old son to the Midwest Reptile Show under strict instructions not to bring home a lizard.... So she brought home a 10 week old guinea pig, who immediately made me his slave. I LOVE HIM. I have never seen anything so cute in my life.

I told her to do some research. "We are going to be taking care of this sweet baby the wrong way, I promise you." I told her, "unless we find out how to do it right, sooner rather than later." So I (yeah, just me) have been doing a lot of research. Now that we are feeding him right and handling him right and working on his new C&C cage, I have a few big issues to tackle and need some sage advice.

He needs a pal, obviously. He's about 4-5 months old now, if we are right about the age he was when we adopted him. He was pretty tiny, and we estimate he was between 8-10 weeks at the time. How old should his friend be? I have read up on quarantine and introduction protocols so we're prepared for everything. We have our eye on some rescues too, but we aren't sure where we'll get the new guy yet. Any advice would be helpful. We don't want to cause any more harm than we already have.

My other concern is WHAT I HAVE GOTTEN MYSELF INTO LONG TERM. My kids will be grown and gone in a mere 9-10 years and I have plans to travel, possibly to Europe. What happens to my bonded pair when one of them ages out? I don't want to keep replacing cavies and building a herd and be stuck in Indiana for the rest of my life because my teenager is full of sass!! I know I'm not supposed to put it in the subject line but I'm putting it here: help!


01-11-18, 10:55 am

Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:


I'm sure several people will come along and answer your other questions.

01-11-18, 07:56 pm
Thanks, I made sure to check out those links right off. There was definitely some stuff I needed to know there. I hope to have some more time to read through some other threads soon.