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01-09-18, 04:18 pm
Hi im new so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place im looking for help. so on Friday we took our female guinea pig to the vets after she suddenly developed a huge lump within hours it turned out it was a abcess the vet was pretty poor just drained it and sent us away saying she'll be fine. A few hours later the swelling had started to return so we went back the next day and seen a better vet, this time it was drained a bigger cut was made we were giving a wash to flush the wound out several times a day and anti biotics once a day. The only thing is when the vet was examining her she said she could feel another lump under the swelling and wasnt sure what it was she sent us away anyway in the hope it was connected to the abscess. Its now Tuesday the abscess hasn't returned were still flushing it multiple times a day and giving the anti biotics but we're pretty sure the lump underneath the site of the abscess hasn't even decreased we were hoping it was just infection from the abscess but the antibiotics haven't done anything so obviously not. If it's not gone by Friday we'll be taking her back but were concerned its something sinister. Has anyone experienced this before.

01-09-18, 04:42 pm
Abscesses in guinea pigs are deep, and form pockets of infection far beneath the skin. The vet who drained it and told you to flush it gave you the right instructions. It may be that the lump you can still feel is part of that abscess that has walled itself off. It could be something else, but without a biopsy there's no way to know. If it were me, I'd take her back on Friday and let the vet see if she can determine what it is?

Where on her body is it? And how old is she?

01-10-18, 04:56 pm
She's only a few months its on her neck
Just a update we have just flushed the wound as we did so she flinched and squealed a little bit of pink came out and a bit of spittage..im thinking the lump under the site of the abscess was another abscess and I've now disturbed it were going to take her the vets in morning to check but hopefully that's it now and it'll drain fingers crossed its nothing more sinister.. she was happy and went straight to food obce placed back in cage

01-10-18, 05:14 pm
Just a warning. It may be cervical lymphadenitis, which causes lumps in the neck, and is very contagious. So be sure to wash your hands after handlings, and if you've got kids, make them take precautions also.

Just keep flushing. If you can find one of the curved nose syringes, they're very good for getting at all angles inside the wound, and getting the pus out. As you've no doubt discovered, guinea pig pus is really thick and cheesy, which is why it has to be flushed out. They lack an enzyme that liquifies pus, and it really makes it difficult to deal with.

01-11-18, 12:01 pm
Thanks for your replies. We took her the vets who said it was flushing well she cut the lump underneath and said to continue what we were doing and she'll see us back Thursday... a few hours ago I noticed she was very quiet an wasnt wanting to move I got the veg box out which always gets them both out and excited she didn't bother .. fast forward an hour she fitted and passed away. I'm devastated we'll never really know the reason but my thinking is the lump that was cut was a infection and it rapidly took hold of her once opened

01-11-18, 01:05 pm
I'm so sorry you lost her.

Guinea Pig Papa
01-11-18, 01:10 pm
Jen4579, I'm so sorry you lost your little girl.

I've not experienced with a pig what you were with your girl, so I've been following this thread just for information's sake. I can't tell you how sorry I am that it turned out badly for you, and for her.

Rest in peace, little lady.

01-11-18, 01:16 pm
I'm so sorry.

01-11-18, 01:50 pm
Thanks for your responses I'm devastated. I'd never felt so hopeless watching her fitting knowing I could do nothing. I'm not sure how I feel I feel awful thay she had a rough last week getting flushed four times a day etc but I also know we did everything we could for her. My next concern is making sure her friend doesn't get depressed now she's on her own.. is there anything I can do to comfort the other one.