View Full Version : Old EZBoard Members (from Old Forum)!

02-01-04, 05:49 pm
There WERE supposedly around 777 members at one time or another on the old EZBoard forums for Cavy Cages.

We can't just transfer memberships, because of password and email security.

The vast majority of the old posts have been converted into this forum. A major feat, really. Thanks to the vBulletin support team.

The USER NAMES of the individual posters have been transferred over. But, until people come over here and register, all of those users are really in one big group. You won't see them show up on the member list.

WHEN an EZboard member registers here, I TRY to cross-check new users with old users. When I find them, I have to run a couple of database updates and other scripts to get their old posts associated with their new member id here.

If I miss you or you see someone who is a current member who you think has old posts, please email me and I will run the programs to update the posts. [email protected]

If you think an old post belongs in a different forum, please email me the link to the post and which forum you think it belongs in, and I'll move it.