View Full Version : Not Eating One pig died now my last pig is not doing very well

01-07-18, 04:34 pm
It took me some time to realize which pig was sneezing but I finally did. I did some digging and found oout it could be the pine bedding. So I chnaged the bedding but then my poggy started having crusted over eyes and was put on antibiotics. He died anyways.

My last light is now very lethargic, hardly ever comes out of her little house. She isn't eating very much and is drinking a little. At first she was drinking on her own. Now I have to put the bottle to her lips. I am out of funds to go to the vet and am tempted to drop her off at the local pet store because they will take her and adopt her out. I do not want her to die because I can no longer afford vet. I am not sure what to do here. Any help would be great.

Guinea Pig Papa
01-07-18, 06:55 pm
I am sorry you are in this heartbreaking situation, and no matter what you do it will break your heart.

Were she my pig, I would find a shelter, ASAP, to bring her to. As much as I would love her and not want to let her go, it would not be fair to her to let her suffer. She is running out of time, and rapidly. Illness sets in very fast in pigs.

Do you have any of the antibiotic left from your other pig? If she's roughly the same size, perhaps you could try using the same antibiotic. I realize this is less than optimal, but if you have some left you could start her on it and perhaps buy her some time.

But yes, if you love her, let her go to someone who can help her, fast. She deserves that much.