View Full Version : Eyes/Non-crusty Watery eye

01-05-18, 06:29 am
One of my piggies has one watery eye, the other eye is okay. It's not so watery, I've tried to take a photo, but in the photo it looks just fine, so you won't understand. Could this be an injury cause I've recently started putting hay in a big box, and he was running throughout his hay and playing? (Sorry for my English) 😊

01-05-18, 11:23 am
Yes, it could be. Examine his eye carefully, rolling the lids up/down, to make sure there's no hay stuck in there. If it gets red, or the eye clouds over, or if there's infection, or if he's squinting, get him to a vet. Eye injuries are painful, and if infections are not treated, he can lose the eyeball.