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12-29-17, 04:39 pm
Hello everyone! Soooo I know had posted about Posey's issue with not eating and peeing blood, but this is just an update/another question. THANKFULLY I managed to get a vet appointment for her (yay!) and she will be going on Tuesday. For this past week, I have been giving her critical care, cranberry juice, as well as extra water through a syringe. I still plan to do this up until her vet appointment. She seems to be in better spirits, but she is still a bit lethargic and does not poop/pee as much bc she hasn't been eating. Today I kind of had an "aha!" moment when I went down to give carrots to Posey and Petunia. I always say "carrots!" in a high-pitched voice and they know exactly what's coming :) Petunia was wheeking and popcorning as usual, and to my surprise, Posey was wheeking too! She was so excited (as was I to see that she was showing interest in food), and she excitedly took the carrot. The problem is, she wouldn't actually eat it. She would occasionally throw it around and pick it up, but would never take a nibble. I could see how badly she WANTED it, but she just didn't eat it. That leads me to believe that maybe her teeth are too long? I checked her teeth, and since I'm not an expert they just looked like any other guinea pig or hamster teeth that I have seen. They always have hay, pellets, and chew toys in their cage, so I'm still a little confused. That being said, I hope we can get this all figured out at the vet. Any advice anyone on the whole teeth issue? Thanks!

12-29-17, 05:04 pm
You get one thread per pig for medical problems. You can copy and post this on on your other thread. I'm closing this one.