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12-28-17, 02:02 pm
Hello. I have just joined today. I do not own any piggies now, but did in the past. I am presently without a pet, and am considering going back to piggie ownership.
My first cavy, Scooter, I owned many years ago. So, I want to get back into the ins and outs of being a responsible slave. After Scooter passed, I got a chinchilla. Most recently I had rats. My last rat passed over to the rainbow bridge not long ago. I want to take a break for a while, but may want another guinea pig, or two. I have a cage I would like to use, but will start a separate thread, to ask your advice and opinions, as I no longer have the cage I had when I had Scooter.

When I got Scooter, it was kind of sudden, as a co-worker of my husbands no longer wanted him, and wanted to give him away to someone, so my husband took him. I did not even know until he brought Scooter home, and never really did the proper research. Luckily, at the time, I found a good forum and learned fast.
I just want to renew my knowledge before going back into ownership.

12-28-17, 02:25 pm

Here's some reading for new pig owners that should serve as a good refresher for you: