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12-26-17, 06:31 pm
Hello all,
After the heartbreaking event of losing my orphaned pups, I've adopted 2 6mo old females. They both "act" physically, like healthy pigs, but my bridle female seems thin and is quiet. "Oona" is not very vocal, if at all. She eats and drinks and is active but I can feel her spine and hip bones. Her sister "seersha" is plump and vocalizes constantly. I have no idea what their diets were like before I got them. Any clues, suggestions?

12-26-17, 06:34 pm
Weigh them daily for a while, preferably first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Make sure they get high quality pellets (KMS Hayloft or Oxbow), good hay and good veggies.

You have turned them both over and compared their private parts to make sure they're both the same, I hope?

12-26-17, 06:51 pm
I've been checking their parts every day since I got them. While I'm no expert, they both look the same, no excisable penis on either . I am feeding them oxbow pellets and good hay. I've ordered hay and pellets from Small pet select as well . I will weigh her more often. Her eyes are dark and shiny and she isn't dehydrated. Should they be dewormed? I have puppy kitten revolution at work.
(Ps they are pet store pigs. The lady I got the pups from felt bad they all died and went and bought my daughter and I 2 and I could not say "no.")
My whole family loves them already, they are getting really social with us and love, love, love cucumbers.

12-26-17, 07:36 pm
They probably don't need de-worming. But if after several weeks of good care, the thin one isn't gaining weight, you might want to rethink that again.

Just as an FYI, we recommend Oxbow or KMS Hayloft pellets because neither of them uses calcium carbonate as the calcium source. It's been anecdotally linked to bladder stones. I personally don't think it's worth the risk to use another brand.

I don't know if I posted this on the other thread, but here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:


01-22-18, 05:34 pm
The girls are doing great now and have become very tame. I am looking into adopting another youngster from a local shelter. This herd will be three strong, with an awesome triple decker sanctuary built by my husband. I'll post it in cages when we are finished!

01-26-18, 07:31 pm
Help! A thing just came out my Oona's butt. Its 1/4' wide and about an inch long. It looks like a huge version of a dog tapeworm. I'm so grossed out. What is going on???

01-26-18, 07:33 pm
Post a picture.

It may just be a mucus plug, but that seems pretty large. On the other hand, are you positive she's a female? Male sperm rods can sort of look like a worm.

01-26-18, 07:36 pm
Help! A thing just came out my Oona's butt. Its 1/4' wide and about an inch long. It looks like a huge version of a dog tapeworm. I'm so grossed out. What is going on???

01-26-18, 07:57 pm
What would a mucus plug be from? I'm pretty sure she looks like my other females.

01-26-18, 07:59 pm
I'm having a hard time getting pics from my phone.

01-26-18, 08:05 pm
Phew, it is just a mucus plug. That was so disturbing! I'm glad I experienced it so I know what it is now. It looked like a tube and was all wrinkly. Looks just lime other pics on the internet.

01-26-18, 08:12 pm
I just found out my "6 month old pigs" were actually 6weeks at the time, so the girls are about 12 weeks now. The timing seems right for mucus plug.