View Full Version : Chewing What to put in the cage to keep pigs from getting bored?

12-15-17, 05:35 pm
I have 2 Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus cages connected for my 2 twin girl pigs. I don't want to clutter up the space by adding too much stuff, but I feel like maybe I don't have enough in there.

One side of the cage has food, water, a tube, and a hut. The other side has a hut, 1 small barrel toy, 1 small willow ball toy, and a hay area.

Is there something else I should add to keep them entertained? They love to run around so I don't want to add too much. They don't necessarily seem bored, I just want them to be as happy as they can be :)

Thank you!

12-30-17, 08:39 pm
Anyone have thoughts?

12-30-17, 10:07 pm
Mine seem to really like their fleece forest. They also like paper bags and toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay, I cut some slits in the roll to make the hay easier to access.