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11-23-05, 06:57 pm
Hi all!

Christmas is soon approaching and this is my frist year as a vegetarian. Usually I eat turkey and ham and salads at christmas. But the turkey and ham is out of the question this year.

What do you eat at christmas? Im thinking I could make salads but what else? What recipes and foods do you make?

Thankyou for contributing in advance!

11-23-05, 10:07 pm
We usually go to my parent's house for Christmas dinners... She loves to cook huge, fancy meals and while I'm no slouch in the kitchen, I'll gladly take a day off as well! Mom always cooks a huge ham, with plenty of au-gratin potatoes & all the other "trimmings" that would go with a ham dinner. I am deathly allergic to all pork products as well as having severe lactose intolerance, and have learned to "eat what I can" without causing a stir.

I like comfort foods, myself. For Christmas Eve, I always make a huge pot of wild rice soup. I'm hunting for a dairy-free substitute for half and half right now, and am considering changing that to a vegan rice soup. If you still drink milk, I would gladly share my recipe :) Christmas morning I make eggnog french toast. This year I'll be making it with soy nog for the first time, and will keep some egg beaters on hand just in case it's too runny. Another thing that I like to eat during the winter is winter squash, baked with just a touch of "butter" and nutmeg. Some days I'll be so busy that I won't have time to eat much... a favorite quick meal is homemade cranberry orange nut bread spread with my homemade cherry jelly, or a pumpkin muffin with a little almond butter on it. And of course the crockpot is ALWAYS full. If I'm not using it for dinner, it's doubling as a cider-warmer & air freshener :)

11-23-05, 11:21 pm
Things are going to be more difficult than last year for me, as this year I am 5 months vegan (last year I was vegetarian). It'll be difficult because we don't have all the great dairy and meat subsitute products here like most of you guys do in the US. We only have one brand, I think.
When I was vegetarian I just had salad on a wholemeal bread roll. Quite bland, but there's all sorts of things you can have instead. Interesting salads (including fruit salads), deli slices by Sanitarium, roasted vegetables.
Have you seen those new tins of meat subsitute by sanitarium? Like rediburger and stuff.

11-25-05, 09:48 am
We always go to my mother-in-law's for Christmas dinner so I pretty much do what homeschoolmama does, I quietly eat what I can. My MIL knows I am vegetarian so I am sure she will make some meatless pasta dish for me.

As for Winter Solstice dinner with my husband, we will most likely go to a sushi resturant for dinner. Though my cooking has improved this year, I still can't make a fabulous holiday meal.

11-25-05, 02:18 pm
My husband (who eats meat) likes a fairly traditional dinner for Yule and Christmas, as someone who was always allowed my favourite foods for the holidays 've learned to incorperate them into my veggie meal.

In the UK, Quorn are one of the biggest producers of veggie meat substitue style things (suitable for vegetarians but not vegans due to free range eggs being used in the production). They do a roast, I usually have the roast quorn with roast potatoes, stuffing (there are many vegan options), a few veggies and extra bits like cocktail-sized veggie sausages, yorkshire pudding and lots of chocolate.

For yule I try and have something seasonal, but sometimes I fall back on veggie versions of meat dishes.


11-25-05, 09:28 pm
Thanks all!

Unfortunately my mother doesnt support my vegetarian lifestyle so will most likely be serving meat. Im thinking of making some veggie burger patties to put on the BBQ ( big australian tradition in my family during christmas), Ill also take some pasta there, if no one else eats it more for me!

Thanks for the great food ideas all! I think ill try some recipes that I can look up on the internet. Oh one last thing:

Happy Thanksgiving (for those overseas) And Merry Christmas!

12-22-05, 03:48 am
I didn't fully read everyone's posts so incase it wasn't mentioned... Tofurky! It doesn't exactly look like a bird but it tastes pretty darn good and it fill up the plate a little more.

12-22-05, 08:05 am
Ahh BBQ at Christmas. I hate the snow lol. My mom is going to be cooking up some fabulous things I am sure. I asked her if she can make a couple extra meatless dishes for me and she is going to. As long as I pass on the ham I will be ok.

12-22-05, 11:46 am
I just have the vegetables at Christmas time.

12-22-05, 12:56 pm
Well, we're making Vegetable lasagna made with quorn (a mear substitute) with all of the vegetables assosiated with your tradition xmas lunch. On Christmas Eve, we're making a broccolli casserole. I found the recipie on the internet

Slap Maxwell
12-22-05, 02:29 pm
Where can you get Tofurky in the US?

12-22-05, 02:49 pm
Tofurky?! That's funny - you can get soya turkeys over here, sometimes available at health food stores.

12-22-05, 09:46 pm
yes thay have it at trader Joes and Safeway in the heath isle.Maby ALbertsons,I havent checked.

12-23-05, 11:20 am
Christmas is the hardest time of the year for me.

I do fine eating meatless at Christmas, but it's the cookies, candies, special baked yummies that I *know* are mixed with all that nasty animal fat stuff that I would normally never eat.

Oh... and then there are the holiday cheese plates, and cheese balls. I don't eat dairy either. Dairy has always been a huge weakness for me. I Love all the Swiss cheeses. Heck, I love all cheeses.

So, I rather stumble through the holidays with an upset tummy.

i love piggies
12-25-05, 04:30 am
Today was christmas and as usual we had a huge banquet. Ham, chicken, turkey, salads, pasta, crackers, dip and lots of sweets. I tried so hard not to eat the meat, but Mum said where is your meat you didn't get any. So I got some and passed it to my dog. Hehehehe
We also have Cheese platters and I love cheese, so I couldn't ressit that.
Anyway I hope that next year I will be meat free. Fingers crossed

12-25-05, 07:11 am
Congrats on feeding the dog!!!!

12-25-05, 06:49 pm
Let's see, I was a very good girl... which wasn't easy, since my mom made a turkey!

I had:
a giant baked potato loaded with salsa
sage dressing
jello with fruit in it (not vegan I know, but I'm not quite there yet)
raw veggie sticks
a nice, juicy pear
and sparkling white grape juice.

For dessert my mom had this absolutely awesome cake-thing. I have no idea what it was, but it looked kind of like layered sponge-cake with cranberry preserves, and a fluffy cranberry icing all over the top. It was sooooo good!

12-25-05, 10:16 pm
This was my last christmas eating meat. My new years resolution is to finally go all the way vegetarian. I usually just eat chicken, but today the ham looked so good, so I only had a bite. I'm looking forward to the new year and plan on staying vegetarian for years to come.

12-26-05, 10:11 am
We went to my aunt's. They had so much food! But this is what my dinner consisted of, it was delicious.

-Mashed potatoes
-Croissents (sp?) You know the Pillsbury ones?
-Raw veggies from a veggie platter
-Cheese and crackers (I can't help it...I love cheese!)

Mashed potatoes might be one of my favorite foods ever, so I had a bunch of them. And the manicotti was soooooo good.

12-27-05, 05:40 pm
For Christmas dinner I had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing(dressing), and rolls. For dessert I had many cookies and brownie bites!