View Full Version : Hair Loss Hair breaking or chewed off?

11-29-17, 08:45 pm
Okay, I'm not sure what to call this. Yesterday I noticed my pigs hair was parted funny, but thought nothing of it since her hair just naturally lays weird sometimes (don't know what kinda pig she is, but she looks just like the one in the logo). Well tonight it was still parted funny. When I picked her up to look at it...I noticed that the hair was just shorted. It's not gone, and the skin doesn't look red or irritated anywhere. Could she be itching it and chewing it off? Is it just breaking off?

Any advice would be helpful. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow to see what they think but I am about to leave for vacation and really don't have time to take her in. If she does need to go in, I'll have a friend take her.


11-29-17, 08:47 pm
If she can reach the area, she's probably barbering herself. If she lives with another pig, that pig is probably the barber.

There's not really anything to be done about it.