View Full Version : 3 Midwest Cages - questions about best accessories

11-28-17, 01:49 am
Hi All,
I currently have my two piggie friends in a kids swimming pool (5ft diameter, 11.5 inch height). I literally had a friend just give them to me kind of without warning, and their store bought cage was really small....So I put them in a kiddie pool I had in my basement as a temporary measure.

Anyway, there was a sale on the Midwest cages on Amazon (in Canada) so I bought three of them. We are dedicating an entire room to the piggies. The cages arrive Friday and I would love to get opinions on how best to set them up. What bedding? What hay feeders work best? The best configuration for 3 cages together (two with the lids and one without).

Any advice is appreciated.

11-30-17, 07:11 pm
I ended up cancelling all but one Midwest cage which I will use as a travel cage. I made a 4?2 CC for the piggies today.

12-04-17, 02:22 pm
I have two Midwest cages, hooked up in a L shape. I close one cage and clean them. They have moving blankets and fleece liners. I change one side daily. The other side weekly. They pee and poop more where they eat. They like to sleep on one side (food). Dunno why but I live a large cage because they popcorn and run when they are hyper. But if you can make a cage, go for it. Those are the best.