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11-25-17, 11:10 pm

I'm a relatively new Cavy owner. I've had my piggies about a year now.

I was cleaning out their cage just a little bit ago and I spotted a small lump of fur.
This was a little alarming, so I gave them both a look over to see what was going on.

One had a scab on his back where the missing fur came from.
It COULD have been from a spat they had?
I had rearranged their hay holders a little bit ago and they did not agree on who got the best placement.

But while looking for the cause of the missing fur I noticed the same piggy had a small lump below his ear and then another on his shoulder blade.
When I say small I mean SMALL. I can feel them but can not see them.

Obviously he is acting fine. And I just gave him a checkup last week to look for these types of things. I didn't feel the lumps then.

Should I wait to see if they will resolve themselves and maybe they are just healing?
Should I wait because they are so small and the vet will just tell me to come back if they get bigger?
Or should I try to get to the vet right away?

11-26-17, 01:58 am
Yes it is possible the hair loss and scab could have been from a disagreement between them. Just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any larger and heals normally, if it does get bigger or doesn't heal properly there could be something else going on like a fungal infection.

As for the lumps, there are quite a few different things that can cause lumps in guinea pigs. Are the lumps under the skin? Are the lumps firmly fixed in place or moveable with the skin? Are the lumps fairly hard or relatively soft?

11-26-17, 09:38 am
I looked again this morning and had my daughter help me take pictures. It actually does look like a skin issue!


11-26-17, 11:38 am

This is the wound.
To me, it looks like a bit of skin came up with his fur.
It's a tiny patch and you can't see it unless you move the rest of the fur out of the way.
You can't even tell it is missing just by looking at it.

11-26-17, 11:59 am
Just keep a very close eye on the lumps. Guinea pig nips and bites can abscess if they break the skin, and the sooner they're treated, the easier they are to cure. But if they're not increasing in size at all, I'd just watch. If they grow at all, then see a vet to get them lanced and drained.

11-26-17, 08:02 pm
Keep a close eye on him, the flakey skin/dry skin sections on the top and bottom of where you have parted the fur in the first photo do look like something I have seen in guinea pigs with fungal infections. However it could just be the edges of where a recently healed scab has lifted off of.

If you notice he has any more hair loss, if the section of hair loss he already has gets bigger, or if he has several patches of dry/flakey/crusty skin, then I would advise treating him with an anti-fungal shampoo. Also check over his cage mate, if it is a fungal infection it can be contagious (but there is no point in separating them as the other would have already been thoroughly exposed), and wash your hands after handling them.

If he does have lumps under the skin then do keep an eye on them, if they are abscesses you will notice they will grow larger.

Here is a page to read about fungal infections http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html Just keep in mind ringworm is just one (very infectious) kind of fungal infection, not all fungal infections are ringworm.

11-26-17, 09:05 pm
Thank you!
I am thinking the fungal infection is the most likely cause now.
How the fur came out looks a lot like it from other forums I have been looking at.

My other piggy isn't showing any signs yet.

I'll try the bath for him. :-/

11-27-17, 06:41 pm
My other piggy is now getting his hair chopped in the back. O_O
(His name is Poe-I realized I didn't enter names before)
I'm not sure if he is doing it or if it is the little guy with the skin issue (Gus). Poe can probably reach there?
The skin seems fine below it though.

It's funny that it is in the same spot as Gus's wound.