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01-31-04, 02:55 pm
Hi all,
well i'm very new to the guinea pig (cavy) owner world so i'm still a little nervous about a lot of things but i'm gettin there slowly but surely.
I'm currently looking into trying to build a bigger enclosure for my boys so if anyone has any helpful tips they would be gratefully received. There's not really a lot of things in the pet stores over here for guinea pigs so ingenuity is the name of the game.

looking forward to many years of pet piggy ownership....



01-16-05, 09:46 am
hiya im from scotland myself but have some good friends from Portadown.

i built my cage recently and my 2 boars love it - id love to give some tips but id just be repeating cavy cages lol


Michelle K
03-29-05, 12:52 am
Hey I am from Ireland too. I've owned three guinea pigs in my time and I'm getting two more in the next week or so....can't wait

07-28-05, 08:07 am
I'm moving to Northern Ireland soon. Anyone know of any cavy rescues there? And do the ISPCA rescue guinea pigs? I've contacted them but got no reply in the 5 months since I emailed them!

05-08-06, 02:12 pm
Hi! I live in Dublin, Ireland too and am still learning something new everyday. I'm looking for someone in Ireland who shares my passion! Oh yeah, for cavy-cool-crazy, there's a small pet rescue centre in Tipperary I think (If it's any use to you!). So I'll see you around. xxx

05-08-06, 02:43 pm
Hi xxozzypigxx, great to see all these new Irish entries. Kevin also lives in Dublin. I didnt know there is rescue centre in Tipperary. Do you have the name or address?

05-09-06, 12:42 am
Blimey it seems so long since I posted that. I arrived here 9 months ago. Thanks for the reply though ozzypig. I've heard of the one in Tipperary but that's about 4 hours away and I can't get to it. I can't adopt any more pigsters until I get back to mainland UK now anyway but it's nice to know of any centres that are around.

05-12-06, 02:46 pm
I think it's www.guinea-pig-rescue.com, I'm pretty sure. I can't reach it either but I like looking at the website!

10-19-09, 01:05 pm
Hi !
Does anybody know of guinea pig recuses in the Rep of Ireland?
Anywhere around Dublin?

10-19-09, 03:41 pm
You should pm princess poppy about adopting pigs in Ireland since she has done a ton of research on that.

10-19-09, 03:42 pm
The Irish Guinea pig rescue closed down in the summer. Hi i'm from Ireland also. Go to pets ireland. A lot of Irish rescue sites use it. Aisling from Limrick rescue is often on the site and is very helpful. As for the cage. I use grids. Ebay 14-16 pounds. I had ine shipped from the u.s. It's pretty difficult to fine a piggie to adopt but keep keep looking .

10-23-09, 07:13 am
thanks !! :D
im going to keep looking!