View Full Version : Introducing some of my pigs!

11-23-05, 02:39 am
Feeling a little gloomy today, thought I'd snap a few new pics of the pigs with my new digital camera I got yesterday.
The darn thing can't focus all that great without this one particular setting, which I can't remember how I go too in the first place. So forgive the bad quality photos!


This is Topaz, she is a satin buff. She is doing amazingly well for a satin, turning 4 on September 29 this year. Although she's had two sebaceous cysts and hasn't got much meat on her at all - doesn't stop her!


This is Priscilla (on the left) and Schnookums. Priscilla is quite the little diva and would appreciate if noone touched her, thank you very much.

Priscilla again. She's such a doll to all the other pigs, she lives with 3 other sows and schnookums (who is desexed).

I'll be posting more and better quality photos once I get used to my new camera! I can't wait to post pics of my latest C&C cage!

11-23-05, 02:45 am

This is Aurora standing, he probably does this 10-15 times a day!


Cappucino, not taken today but so cute.


Leroy, who is such a chub! He's getting 'the snip' next week - wish him luck.

11-23-05, 06:26 am
They're all adorable, but Cappucino made my heart melt!

11-23-05, 06:38 am
They are all absolutely gorgeous! I love that photo of Leroy - he has such cute piggy lips!

Percy's Mom
11-23-05, 08:12 am
All of your pigtures looked perfectly clear to me, and your piggies are too too cute! Looks like you have quite the crew of sweeties there. Good luck on your snip snip next week Leroy!