View Full Version : Getting a Piggie Tomorrow!!

11-10-17, 06:24 pm
I'm getting a Guinea Pig for the first time tomorrow!

I plan on getting a female, (unless someone would like to tell me why males are better ;)), and maybe would like some tips?

I also was wondering if a cage that is 39(in) by 17(in) a good size for (currently) one piggie.

Also, I plan on getting a second one soon, but I would like to start with one to make sure i'm not getting ahead of myself. (If that makes sense.)

Also, as soon as I get the piggie, i'll add pictures and such. Just thought i'd ask some questions while i'm making the intro.

11-10-17, 08:32 pm

That cage is not nearly large enough for one pig. You need at least eight square feet (equivalent to two feet by four feet), and you'll need even more if you plan to add another pig -- about 12 square feet.

My recommendation is to get them both at the same time. Guinea pigs are herd animals, and they're always better with another of their own kind. Also, please don't buy them from a pet store. Those pigs are bred and raised in horrible conditions, and are often sold missexed, sick, with parasites, and the baby sows are often pregnant. There are thousands of unwanted guinea pigs in rescues and shelters around the country. If there's a good rescue near you, you'll get pigs that are already paired and are free of parasites and disease. You'll also free up space for the rescue to take in two more unwanted pigs.

11-11-17, 07:22 pm
Here she is!! I named her Cupid <3