View Full Version : I hope you dont think im stupid if I ask this...

11-22-05, 09:32 pm
I know this is a completely useless question, and you dont have to answer it since I know you are very busy with all the wonderful work that you do.

But I was wondering why are some users names highlighted in blue and some are in red? I know the moderators are green but is it a newbie thing? Once you have done however many posts does it change to red?

Just curious:rolleyes:

Thankyou for taking the time to read.

11-22-05, 09:53 pm
It's about your status on the site. If you are banned, demoted (Cavy Person vs Cavy Slave) or not yet a confirmed member, it's blue.

11-22-05, 10:03 pm
Thankyou cavyspirit!

Im glad i'm red then. On one last note, I'd just like to thankyou for all your hard rescue efforts there in the U.S.A. It really inspires me to make a difference here in Australia. Ive already petitioned to have one pet store closed down based on their treatement of animals.

Keep up the good work! Also I know that last note was not relevant to this thread but I had to say it.

11-22-05, 11:19 pm

Thanks. It's appreciated.

11-23-05, 09:27 pm
Fluffball, I'm glad you asked because I was wondering the same thing. :)

11-25-05, 09:38 pm
I was wondering for the longest time, Im glad im not the only one!lol

The Magic Taco
11-25-05, 09:40 pm
I always thought it was very humble of CavySpirit to have her name highlighted red like normal members instead of green or an even more special colour!

11-29-05, 12:14 am
T needs to do her name in purple and yellow polka dots!

11-29-05, 02:06 am
Oh yeah, that's me.