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10-06-17, 03:05 pm
Hi everyone!
My name is Angie I joined this forum to really ask for advice on my pigs from REAL LEGIT guinea pig owners. I am 24, I have a 9 year old pug Max, I am majoring in nursing, I own two girls Hamlet (Hammy) and Rhianna (Rhi-Rhi, yes the singer).
I purchased my pigs from the swapmeet (don't hate me lol, I plan to adopt all pets in the future). I got them in April 2017 and Hammy was constantly scratching and had scabs. Rhi Rhi's scratching wasn't that bad and I did the topical Ivermectin thing. Their hair grew back and scabs went away as well as scratching went away.
Fast forward to today, a few days ago I noticed that their food bowl was half way full of pellets at the end of the night. I usually feed them every morning and their pellets are gone by the evening.
Am I doing something wrong? They're eating spinach I feed them cucumbers every so often and apples once in a while and every other day I put them outside in my backyard to graze on grass for about two hours. Their poops are normal. They're just not eating their pellets! So yesterday I went to petsmart and bought Oxbow pellets for young pigs. I was previously feeding them https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ8NSwJoN5pDrMncRWCH8YUZHDnckd WIlCu0C9047KhDIp_HZL1uuN6qjM_6yPWJbViP5oZzlDV&usqp=CAc these pellets from Walmart.

So far the day is almost over and they were curious in the morning and pecked at it but the bowl is still full. I feed them Timothy Hay each day.
Any and all advice is much appreciated. Have a great and Happy Friday!! I'm glad to be here :) :o

10-06-17, 03:35 pm
The Oxbow pellets are definitely better for them than the ones you've been getting from Walmart.

Pigs sometimes occasionally go off their pellets. It's usually not a problem, as pellets are the least important part of their diets.

But they need a different vegetable diet. Spinach is way high in both calcium and oxalic acid, and should only be given occasionally. Red or green leaf lettuce is a better choice. They need a dietary source of vitamin C, and bell peppers are by far the best for that. When putting them on fresh grass, you should start them for a very short time and work up, as fresh grass can cause bloat, which is a medical emergency.

Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners:


10-09-17, 11:47 am
Great thank you! I made a grocery trip and they've been eating their leafy greens along with plenty of hay and pellets.

These are my babies: