View Full Version : Cage Halloween Cage Theme

10-06-17, 02:08 pm
Anyone else decorate their cages? I do!!! Every year too. I love Halloween!!


10-07-17, 03:44 pm
CavieGuy that cage is amazing. You put so much work into making such a wonderful environment for your piggies. All my poor piggies get for the holiday is Halloween themed fleece and a couple of Halloween cozies. I can really tell that you just love Halloween and it looks like your pigs do too.

Thanks so much for sharing the video of your Halloween cage.

Guinea Pig Papa
10-07-17, 03:53 pm
I meant to comment yesterday, and completely forgot.

The is one hell of a cage theme, CavieGuy! You have some seriously lucky girls to get that kind of attention and dedication!

10-07-17, 05:19 pm
Hi CavieGuy that is an amazing Halloween cage theme, we're so jealous. Thanks for sharing, made me smile.

10-08-17, 04:08 pm
What an amazing set up! Thanks for sharing CavieGuy :)

10-27-17, 06:27 pm
Awesome!! As always :)