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10-04-17, 06:44 pm
so tonight i got my piggys a new cage !! ( 2 new cages that will be attached to 1 ) i’ve attached pictures of the type of cage!

i’m doing this because before i go about setting it up, i want to know the best way to set up these kind of cages!!

what is the best type of “floor” to use??
what’s the best way to clean it??
how often should it be cleaned??
fleece or bedding or both??

any more helpful tips would be greatly appreciated!! ~ i guess the main question is how do i set this up to be PERFECT for my piggys :)



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Guinea Pig Papa
10-05-17, 04:41 am
I'm confused.

I'm glad you got them a new cage. I'm sure they'll like the extra space. I saw in the cage pictures thread you now have two of these set up.

I'm confused because I thought you had to rehome them? If you don't, I'm very happy for you!

10-05-17, 06:17 am
i have 5 guinea pigs ~ i’m needing to rehome 2

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