View Full Version : Cage Parent will not let my purchase a bigger cage!

09-30-17, 05:00 am
I have my guinea pigs in my shed with a 2x4 feet cage we also have a play pen in there which is quite large well larger than there cage. I really would like a 5x2 c&c cage for my 2 girlies but my parents won't let me. They say we don't have enough space (I think we do as it's a huge shed) also my mother says that there cage is big enough already! But it's only the minimum and I feel bad for them as I wish I could do better for them!:sad: I had the idea of putting them in there playpen threw out the day but my mum said I can't because there are some mice in the shed and the cage there in is above ground so I think that's fine. I understand why I can't do that but I don't get why they won't let me get a bigger cage!!! I told them I would pay for it myself but still no. I won't give up because I want my piggies to have the best life possible and I don't think that can happen in a smaller cage! Any suggestions?
Thanks a million <3

09-30-17, 05:13 am
I thought I would add some pictures of my 8358683585

09-30-17, 09:50 pm
check out my Pinterest board its got some great ideas.