View Full Version : Piggies from the Arctic Circle!

09-27-17, 01:21 pm
I'd like to introduce my three adorable piggies.
First is Almond's Great Inca aka Ruusu, whom I bought when she was about 5 months old, because there was no hooman for her earlier. Well, bad for them, because she turned out to be very social and contact loving sweet cavy. Although the smallest, she's the boss of our household. xD Her great grandmother was born in Peru.
While Ruusu was getting used to her new surroundings, her friend Almond's Walking on Sunshine alias Pampeliska was born and joined us a few weeks later. Getting to know each other had been truly stressful because Ruusu is quite dominant pig, but in some time they managed to at least be civil with one another. Pampeli grew up to be the glamour girl and princess of our piggie cottage. In front of strangers she can play extremely well-behaved, but in fact she's quite mischievous. xD
About a year later I adopted a show pig Define Tania aka Willow from my breeder Elisa who got her in a very bad shape from another breeder who sadly didn't take very good care of Willow. When Willow had babies for the first time her milk ducts got clogged and she got severe infection. Luckily she survived, but Elisa decided not to put Willow in danger of having offspring again, so she advertised Willow for adoption and that's how we found each other. Willow is very sweet and shy piggie. Her presence soothed most of the quarrels that had been going on in our cage from time to time. And Pampeli's manners sort of rubbed off on her, so she's a bit braver now. :)
I've been really lucky with my breeders Elisa Svento and Lea Rahtu-Korpela of Almond's Caviary, who are always very helpful, keep in touch and advise us who own piggies from them. They both take very good care of their pigs, and carefully choose to whom they're gonna sell their cavies. If there's anyone interested in having piggies from Finland, I really recommend Almond's! :) http://www.marsula.net/